Our Mission

To connect people in recovery with mentorship, education, information and other resources, in support of their self-employment or business ambitions.

Broad Highway is a new not for profit community organization established in April 2016 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Broad Highway is a local economic development organization that provides access to mentorship, training, education, and other resources to support people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction who would like to pursue self-employment or start their own business.  Our target audience are those who are in recovery from alcoholism and addiction within Washtenaw County and immediately surrounding areas.

People in recovery have a difficult time re-entering (or entering) the job market.  Individuals who have significant skills often end up unemployable due to legitimate and non-legitimate stigma induced concerns about their past.  As a result, they often end up relying on services provided by local, state, and federal programs to make ends meet.

People in long term recovery (whether that means weeks, months, years or decades) have found success in turning their lives around, righting their past wrongs, and living again as a productive member of society.  However, too often fear drives such people from engaging in positive and healthy choices - particularly when it comes to the unknown, government agencies, corporations, etc.  As a result, poor decisions are made -- decisions that may put sobriety at risk.



Broad Highway suggests that anyone navigating recovery and small business or self-employment connects with a mentor.  Mentors are not experts any more than one individual in recovery is an expert in recovery - they are simply individuals who have travelled the highway before you and are willing to share their experiences.  Taking suggestions from fellow travelers is the best way to guide your journey on the Broad Highway.  Attend a Broad Highway event and connect with a mentor.  If you have travelled this path already, become a mentor today.



Broad Highway will collect and make available information on vendors and related resources in the community who would like to help support your efforts to become self-employed or start your own business.  These resources may be in the form of professionals (lawyers, bookkeepers, marketing consultants, bankers, etc.), organizations (consulting firms, banks, caterers, landlords, etc.), or other community business development resources.  Stay tuned - this resource list will be coming soon!